San Diego Staycation at the Marriott

Happy Thursday friends- one more day till the weekend!!!  Since we moved to San Diego in January I’ve only left once for a quick business trip to LA, and life has been hectic with the house selling/buying, 6 weeks staying with friends etc.  And since we’ve been settled in the house I feel like my brain is running non-stop about how we can make it feel like home (design obsessive disorder, let’s call it).  So when the Marriott reached out to offer us the opportunity to book a spontaneous staycation we jumped on that like a cat pounces on feather toy!  So one random day when the mood struck us, using their mobile booking and check-in app we left the beach, booked a room, threw a few things in an overnight bag and headed out for our overnight stay at the Marriott Marquis...


Surprise Summer Sneak-Away

One of my favorite things to do for Lou is to surprise him with weekend get-aways!  In the past I’ve told him to pack a bag and prepare to be away for the weekend, with specifics like “bring a book to read”, “pack a bathing suit”, or “you’ll need a sweater”.  But I dream of one day just packing his bag and heading out for the weekend with him having ZERO CLUES!  The thing is, he’s a way better at packing than I am, he always remembers to bring things like a candle to make the hotel room smell nice, or a bluetooth portable speaker so that we can play music outside if we go for a picnic.  He’s just always way more prepared- I’m always the ones asking him to borrow a scarf or if he remembered to pack an extra toothbrush for me (he always does)...


Introducing a Brand New Awesome Nomadic Matt (Plus Some Announcements)

For close to three years, this website had the same design. When it came out, I loved it but over the course of those three years, the website has grown with a new forum, destination guides, new books, sections, and much more.

To accommodate all that, I haphazardly added new sections of the website using a variety of designers. Nothing was really uniform.

The website needed a change – something with a more up to date and clean look that better integrated all the moving parts.

After months of designing, coding, and testing, today is the release of a super duper awesome brand new website design! Just look at it! It’s beautiful. I’m super excited about it and think it’s the best design yet. I love looking at my site!

I think it will do a lot to improve your user experience and make it...


9 Summer Reads to Satiate Your Wanderlust

At the start of the New Year, I vowed to read one book a week, and I’m proud to say I’m accomplishing that goal. I even started a book club to keep me focused (I mean, you can’t recommend books if you don’t read them, right?).

Thanks to my grandmother, I’ve always been addicted to reading (Sadly, not everyone is: 28% of people haven’t read a book in the last year!!). I feel like I might be the only person who read the unabridged version of Les Miserables when he was thirteen! After years of sporadic reading, digesting so many books this year has nourished my long book-starved soul.

And, with the summer travel season in full swing, I wanted to share my recent favorite reads. A good book makes long flights go by quicker.

A Year in Provence

A Year in Provence book cover image I’d heard of this book before but nev...


Fantasy vs. Reality in Long Term Care Insurance Planning

In my adult years I have noticed a great shift occurring in the American psyche. And the shift could best be described as accepting theories for facts. In my youth I noticed that people were more skeptical towards hare-brained ideas and schemes. The old adage, “I’m from Missouri, show me!” illustrated the caution that folks had toward new ideas—More

Top 3 Reasons to Start a Blog

Over the course of time, writing has gone through different types of platforms. Some write through classic journals, while some write through huge print publications such as broadsheets and magazines.More