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Philadelphia's Pedal Coop is a continuous propaganda on helping mother nature through recycling and composting garbage using bicycles. If you want to know upcoming activities the organization will be having, you can find out here!

All you want to know

The purpose of the organization's aim is to provide service specifically on keeping our environment clean by picking up daily trash and in the same time energy saving transportation. Spread these blogs for us to inspire others!

Give us Aid

The Coop can get all the help they will need and be part of this movement and learn how you can help. Group like these choose to be different and by that they contribute a lot for the community. It's worth your time and effort to help!


The Pedal Co-Op is a Philadelphia, Pa., recycling/compost hauling service that uses bicycles as vehicles. I’m familiar with the streets of Philadelphia, and I’ve got to hand it to these guys. Those streets were not designed for bicycles.

The Pedal Co-Op goes to businesses and hauls away recycling or compost material and takes it to Blue Mountain Recyling Center or a local gardening center. They boast an impressive client list including Yards Brewing and Trader Joe’s. In addition to hauling away recycling and compost, they will also do intercity moving of residents and small businesses, package delivery and merchandise delivery.

You can get a good idea of what they do in this video.

I like to share stories like this with you because people who create environmentally friendly, innovative businesses like this need recognition. I also like to share stories like this with my boys at night at the dinner table. I love to be able to say to them, “Guess what I wrote about today,” and then be able to tell them about young adults who chose something different to do with their lives. It’s a good way to be able to illustrate to them that the possibilities for their lives are endless.