The Ride of Silence 6:45 tonight. Start at the Art Museum. A ride to honor bicyclists killed or injured by motorists.

The Ride of Silence: a loud cry for bicycle safety

Textbooks will tell you that statistics are the basis for most public health decisions. In reality, it’s evocative displays of remembrance, solidarity, and outrage about lives lost that really get things done.

Wednesday’s Ride of Silence is one such powerful display.

The Ride of Silence is an [Read Here]


Hosted by University City District, the grand opening of The Dirt Factory, a new composting facility in West Philadelphia, will be celebrated Wednesday, June 20.

The Dirt Factory, which occupies a long vacant lot at 4308 Market Street, will be home to impressively large “Earth Tub” composters. Each Earth Tub is [Read Here]