University City District Presents The Dirt Factory, A New Composting Site Opening June 20


If you always loved playing in the dirt as a child (and even if you didn’t), you won’t want to miss this event.

University City District is hosting a grand opening celebration on Wednesday, June 20, 4-6 p.m. to kick off The Dirt Factory, an innovative and super-green new composting facility.

Complimentary food and drinks from Dock Street Brewing Co., Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Four Worlds Bakery will be served, tours will be provided and live bluegrass music from Sour Mash will be played.

The Dirt Factory, which resides on what was for many years just a vacant lot, will feature large “Earth Tub” composters with a capacity of 3,200 pounds of material that will transform food waste from neighborhood businesses into high quality organic compost, by combining it with the fallen leaves that cover West Philadelphia streets and sidewalks each fall.

The site will also showcase smaller, residential scale systems that demonstrate different methods of home composting. Finished compost will be available to community gardens and other neighborhood gardeners as it becomes available. Visitors can also check out the raised bed planters where they will witness the impact of growing plants in a high quality organic growing medium.

The Pedal Co-Op, a University City business that collects compost and commercial recycling entirely by bicycle, will be delivering compostable material from University City residents and businesses to the site. You can also drop material off directly at the site.

Educational events on topics ranging from home composting to urban soils and growing fruits and vegetables will occur throughout the summer. For more information on those events, as well as the grand opening on June 20, check out the project’s site.

University City District’s The Dirt Factory: Grand Opening
When: Wednesday, June 20, 4-6 p.m.
Where: 4308 Market Street
Cost: Free
More info: